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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Legend Of The Green Dragon

Posted by Lost.In.Space Category:  Clan News Comments: 0

Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon, a browser based role playing game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.

So This popular clan game returns.

Some of you may remember we used to run it via an external scource some time ago.

As part of our aniversary celebrations, I have revied the game, hosted by us with full control.

I have lots of modules to add, so please do check back daily as new things will arrive.

ABC, Gooner and many others will remember this game, it can get addictive, but you will need to check back every day or at least a few times a week to advance in this game.

The game can be acessed by clicking on the link LTN DRAGON at the top of the homepage.

Tablet and or ipad users can use our mobile friendly version by using to acess the game directly.
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25 Jan : 13:12
Not talking to you now you go to the gym what's wrong with being a couch potato, think your better than us fat lazy gamers

21 Jan : 22:34
Anyone want to join me on teamspeak? don't be afraid you know i don't bite. Starting to feel lonely all by myself x

20 Jan : 21:28
Legend Of The Green Dragon Returns. Play against your warriors today:-
Please Click Me

20 Jan : 16:29
Anyone want to fly alongside a lonely pilot?

19 Jan : 11:08
Yip Dyslexic finger and I cant spell

19 Jan : 00:26
Whats tiddlywings then? never tried that one, is it where you wink at the tiddly and it flys away?

18 Jan : 18:22
STUmanDO what games you playing now then we are a diverse lot in here anything from farming to tiddlywings

18 Jan : 18:20
Daveyboy, Happy New Year to you and Kit. Old age travellers united

18 Jan : 15:32
Sorry I missed the night last night. I was out on a mates birthday bash. The 4am roll in time might suggest it was a great night. Will try and get back on, just been mixing up my gaming a bit of late. Stu

18 Jan : 15:11
Sorry guys I will not be with you tonight on t/s as still sorting out my sunburn. will be with yopu in spirits!! Happy New Year to you all