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Welcome to the realms of the LifeTakingNutters


Welcome to [LTN] Online & in action since 2007

Who are we?
We are an amorphous collection, a ragtag troop of misfits, a band of brothers and a circle of friends. We have more faces than a politician, and more arms than Vishnu. Our poison changes with the passing years, our members & players even faster.

Where we are?
We currently run public Battlefield 4, Minecraft & Teamspeak 3 servers. However, our gaming tastes change regularly, so it’s often difficult to know where to find us. On this page you can find some details about our current haunts and watering holes.

The LifeTakingNutters isn't just  a clan. It's a way of life. We've been around for as long as there's been a need, and we'll continue to exist until that need is extinguished. Further information about who we are, and why we exist can be found around this site.

Hardcore USA (New York) BF4 Server running 
TDM Favorites featuring Weapon Weekends

Friday 06 June 2014


Posted by Lost.In.Space Category:  War Thunder Comments: 0

"D-Day: the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy"From 08:00 GMT on June the 6th till 08:00 GMT on June the 9th 

Complete the following tasks:Achievement 1 - destroy 70/35/20 enemy aircraft.Achievement 2 - destroy 70/70/70 enemy tanks in tank battles.Achievement 3 - In 70 battles - achieve at least 50% activity.

Reward: 100,000  for all achievements (total possible 300,000 )Reward on completion of all achievements: collectible premium aircraft Boston Mk.I

Achievements can be performed in any order, at the same time, any day.
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17 Sep : 15:44
Thank you guys =)

16 Sep : 19:38
Hi Clone fog stopped flights today so I'll kick your ass again tonight

16 Sep : 19:38
The twins Nukbula and Squidly have a birthday today, happy birthday boys

16 Sep : 18:40
16 / 9/2014 18:39 GMT
TS offline:-
Update here:-
Please Click Me

16 Sep : 16:54
Happy birthday to Nak and Squd!!! Bunter, see you in two weeks.

14 Sep : 16:31
First LTN to 130 congratz Bunter

14 Sep : 15:40
BF4 LvL 130

13 Sep : 12:09
Doogy happy non birthday

13 Sep : 01:20
Doogy, there is no way you are 26, if you're 26 I'm only what, 25? No matter Happy Birthday, if its your birthday lol.

04 Sep : 12:35
thanks for my birthday wishes..... I didn't get drunk, sorry guys. But I did have a great night