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Welcome to the realms of the LifeTakingNutters


Welcome to [LTN] Online & in action since 2007

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We are an amorphous collection, a ragtag troop of misfits, a band of brothers and a circle of friends. We have more faces than a politician, and more arms than Vishnu. Our poison changes with the passing years, our members & players even faster.

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We currently own a public Battlefield 4 & Teamspeak 3 server. However, our gaming tastes change regularly, so it’s often difficult to know where to find us. On this page you can find some details about our current haunts and watering holes.

The LifeTakingNutters isn't just  a clan. It's a way of life. We've been around for as long as there's been a need, and we'll continue to exist until that need is extinguished. Further information about who we are, and why we exist can be found around this site.

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Monday 20 October 2014

Battlefield 4 makes a Final Stand in its fifth DLC map pack

Posted by Lost.In.Space Category:  Battlefield 4 Comments: 0

After nearly a year of players gunning one another down within the expansive maps ofBattlefield 4, publisher EA and developer DICE have revealed the game's final DLC map pack, aptly titled "Final Stand." Featuring four maps set within the Russian arctic, Final Stand doesn't just grant players new surroundings in which to shoot things, it also offers players new toys. Especially notable are the map pack's "secret prototype weapons and vehicles," including a combat pick up railgun and a hovering tank.

Unfortunately, along with the trailer seen below the break, that's all the information EA is currently willing to share on Final Stand. As with previous Battlefield 4 DLC map packs we expect Battlefield Premium subscribers to receive Final Stand two weeks before it comes available to the public, but so far EA has yet to mention when the DLC might appear. Expect more news on the DLC maps and weaponry to come in the "weeks ahead."

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17 Dec : 20:35
nooooooo soon as I hit submit it started again!

17 Dec : 20:34
I can't see to type through the snow!

17 Dec : 11:46
Its snowing!! Bloody weather, blame it on the web admin

16 Dec : 20:46
FC4 and time to play games. Who needs sleep

16 Dec : 13:55
Harry Hill is definitely funny. Attended the recording of the first episode of stars in their eyes last night. Airs on tv in january.

16 Dec : 13:54
So you have FC4 then Bunter? amazes me how you find the time to play so many games lol

13 Dec : 13:08
CBA you are a lot further on than me, Razor has been playing and he looks about the same level as you. But I will take you on and kick your ass...again and again Ho Ho Ho

13 Dec : 00:02
Alright Bunter, you're back, how ready are you for co-op play? I've finished the main part, let Pagan Min go, and the Golden Path idiots no longer show up, can we still do this or do I need to start over?

12 Dec : 23:46
And I have a MVP medal you bastard, and I'll bet I got it before you cause you were playing titanfall haha. haha. haha. okay I'm done.

12 Dec : 23:42
C'mon Salty, Happy Birthday! Come say hello, Clone's a dream, never happened, things are good here, come join ragequit ABC in a few games. Play FarCry4 much?